THE ALLTA FACTOR | 上海创厚实业有限公司   

ALLTA 研发中心,进行化妆品的全品类研发,检测,及功效评价业务,研发中心的研究体系完全满足国际标准,应用前沿技术, 是实现客户对美的追求而努力的伙伴。以勇于挑战未知领域、摆脱固定观念的束缚、创造及实现全新的创意为己任。拥有在自 身领域具实力的专家,并培养极具实力和品味的人才。这些努力的结果,使ALLTA的技术能获得了知名国际企业的认可,无论 在国内还是国外的化妆品市场上都众所皆知,并正在向成为世界化妆品市场研发的开拓者及先行者而迈进

ALLTA Reseach and Innovation Center is equipped with a research system that meets global standards, with a view to realizing the beauty our customers dream of. By developing novel technologies, we are becoming the preferred partner to our customers. Our mission is to challenge the limits and pursue ideas that go beyond the trodden path as sources of innovation. Our experts are the best researchers in their fields. As a result of their endeavors, international companies now recognize the technical capability of ALLTA, whose name is now widely known not only in the cosmetics industry but also in the world market. As such, we are devoted to pioneering the world cosmetics market.

The Allta Factor means excellence and innovation across the board. But it’s more than that. With customer service at our core, we handle all your needs seamlessly from A-Z.

Creative design

Our team of world-class designers will not just bring your products to market but make them shine.

Leading innovation

Our formula experts and scientists use the latest advances to make your vision a reality

Optimal quality

We bring the world’s most advanced technology and over 20 years of cosmetics production experience to you every day.

The latest techniques

With an eye toward new trends, our team is always developing new techniques and possibilities. So you can enjoy a greater level of success.

Unapparelled service

We pride ourselves on an unmatched level of service and are reachable 24/7. Simply put, if you’re not happy, neither are we.